Graphic Design & Art Direction

Distilled down, design isn't just something nice to look at or the simple means to communicate an idea. Design is solving problems. I am a problem solver. Whether it's the need to generate sales through a brand image, convey quality information in a succinct and expedient way, or even remind someone of that terrific meal they had at "that one restaurant in Chicago," design starts as a puzzle and ends when the picture is fully realized.

Of course good design is nice to look at and should always communicate an idea in the simplest means possible, but it should also take into account the reality in which it is being called for. Budgets, deadlines, complex subjects and a myriad of client needs are these realities. Over 12 years of experience at taking on these challenges has led me to develop an approach that focusses on communication, collaboration, flexibility and a determination to find the absolute best solution to each and every problem that comes across my inbox. Because after all, it's just solving problems.

When I'm not trying to change the world through design I can often be found taking on challenges in the mountains by running, climbing and trekking.